Toronto Sportsmen Show 2016

We had a fantastic week at the Toronto Sportsmen Show. So many people came out to see the boat and visit the booth.


Just a short time after the booth was non stop with people!

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We also had some celebrities come over to visit the Tetra-POD! We had Amanda Lynn Mayhew is known for being apart of the Ontario Womens Hunting Association, Fytness Fanatik Magazine, Targeting the Huntress and Women of the Outdoors.

Mike Miller is the host of Angler & Hunter T.V, and is on of Canada’s professional bass anglers with 26 major awards.


Amanda Lynn Mayhew


Mike Miller

And then to cap off an amazing week at the Toronto Sportsmen Show we had our good friend Italo Labignan from Canadian Sportfishing T.V come to the booth on Saturday and Sunday to sign autographs.