Boat Mode

Boat Mode

In less than a minute, the Tetra-POD transforms from the multifunctional trailer to an 11′ Jon Boat. When used as a boat the Tetra-POD holds up 2 two people with 3HP and up to 766lbs payload. The boat also includes two removable polyethylene foam filled seats. The Tetra-POD is easily launched from any boat ramp or shoreline. This stable boat is a great way to access smaller waterways, lakes, or going fishing in your favourite spot. This is perfect to hook up to the back of your car and take the kids out on the lake adventure.


  • 11′ jon boat with boat trailer
  • Transport Canada certified as a small vessel
  • Rated for 2 persons, 3HP, 766lb. payload
  • Includes 2 removable foam filled seats
  • Handling is stable and predictable


Dimensions Weights & Measurements
Approx. Weight 230 lbs
Overall length 130″
Beam width 52″
Chime width 33.5″
Maximum depth 22″
Transom height 20″

*We recommend a short leg motor