A new Area Opens Up…


We are arriving in Illinois; with the agreement of A.M.S. Incorporated to represent our great Tetra-Pod product line in the central US corridor! With warehousing, set-up and marketing facilities based out of Ogden, Illinois this dynamic distribution company will be focusing on making our products available through established and authorized Tetra-Pod dealers in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin as well as assisting interested consumers and end users through the mid-west .

Coupled with the Bristol product line- a group of attachments converting a standard chain saw into a whole range of out-door tools including an outboard motor- A.M.S. will be going to the light commercial/ urban home owner/ outdoor recreational sports user with a very exclusive, unique and versatile line of products!

Please feel free to contact Jac, Matt or Lucinda in Ogden at 217 582-2288- or info@nullamsincorporated.net- anytime…they would be glad to help you…or visit their very interesting web site at: www.amsincorporated.net