Welcome to Tetra-POD

The Off Road and On Road versions of the Tetra-POD are the only enclosed trailer in North America that turns into a boat.  Their intended purpose is first and foremost, a tub trailer and a jon boat secondly. They’re designed for pretty much anyone, and can do any job. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and you love getting into those backwoods or that lake the Off Road Tetra-POD is perfect for you. If you are more of a city person, but you like being outdoors but still want to get all of your work done at home the On Road Tetra-POD is the better choice for you. The Off and On Road Tetra-POD’s are the exact same in every way, except for the axel. The Off Road has a 2000 lbs Walking Beam Axle, where as the On Road Tetra-POD has a Dexter Torsion Axle which is better suited for those longer drives with your car.

Perfect for a small lake fishing, off-road excursions, trips to the dump, or just general house hold hauling chores, the Tetra-POD can help you get to where you want to go. The small yet robust rotomolded  plastic tub trailer and 11′ jon boat  is the ideal for you and your family.


You can rely on Tetra-POD!